That's Some Darn Good Coffee You've Got Here in Blooming Ridge, and Some Darn Good Cherry Pie...

A logic- and puzzle-based game (sort of, anyway). Use your wits as you try to figure out who commited the crime in Tom's Woods! Blooming Ridge reacts differently depending on what time of day you play it at. There is a walkthrough available somewhere but I wouldn't use it unless you absolutely need to!

Warning: This game features music in some parts. Be sure to turn the volume on your computer all the way up, then put your ears right next to the speaker so you can test whether or not it's too loud.

Cliff Hanger the Cunning Detective in "Mystery in Room 1013!"

Take on the role of Cliff Hanger, St. Louis's most well-known detective, as he tries to unravel the mystery of Hotel L'Etranger's missing room! It is a pretty easy game to complete!


Professor Pepper's Magical Mystery Car!

Okay, I admit it... I sort of ran out of funding while I was making this project. Fortunately, several different corporations came in and bailed me out, all for the small price of including some of their advertisements within the game! But I bet you won't even notice them!



The ultimate pet ownership simulation experience!

Alice's T-Party Adventure to the Wonderland Stop!

The ultimate "riding on a boring subway train" simulation experience!



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