The Rise of the Roman Empire! []


It is the early 21st Century in the small town of Tenafly, New Jersey.

Charles Pieper, David Koenig, Gautam Jain, and Roman Yitzhaki, the famed quartet known as the "Tenafly Two" for alliterative purposes, set about making the best high school senior film project ever, or at least one that will allow them to get a passing grade and graduate.

Enter The Rise of the Roman Empire, a mighty script penned in a Notepad text file! The script chronicles the quasi-real-life misdeeds of the four Titans of Tenafly (why didn't I think of that before "the Tenafly Two?") and a token female:

Charles Pieper: Film-making worry-wart!

David Koenig : Unenthusiastic procrastinator!

Gautam Jain : Daydreaming romantic!

Roman Yitzhaki : Calculating villain!

Amanda Spruckmeyer: Trust fund slut!

Despite a lack of funding, rehearsal time, and acting ability, the script is magically brought to life over a three-month period. A sizeable amount of Tenafly highschoolers chip in to make that fever dream a fevereality.

And now, gaze ye through the lens of yesterday at this time capsule of Tenafly High School life! Enter a true-to-life world of high school schenanigans, full of bright-eyed, promising young students secretly waist-deep in drugs, sex, lies, cheating, violence, subterfuge, and tardiness!

All Content (except music) Copyright © 1986 - 2012 David Koenig and Charlies Pieper.
Yes, some of the people these characters are based on were born in 1986, so the copyright on their fictional counterparts extends to that year, I think.